Standard Patio Door Dimensions

Written by jennifer mullett | 13/05/2017
Standard Patio Door Dimensions
Standard patio doors have two panels. (patio doors image by jimcox40 from

Patio doors are commonly created from standard size options. Determine whether you want sliding or hinged doors to consider the available dimensions. If you are replacing patio doors you already have a dimension to fill from standard options.

Sliding doors

Sliding patio doors typically come in three standard dimensions. Choose from 1.5 m (60 inches) with a frame size of 148.8 by 198.75 cm (59 1/2 by 79 1/2 inches), 1.8 m (72 inches) with a frame size of 178.75 by 198.75 cm (71 1/2 by 79 1/2 inches) or 2.4 m (96 inches) with a frame size of by 238.75 by 198.75 cm (95 1/2 by 79 1/2 inches). Sizes vary slightly between manufacturers.

Hinged doors

Standard dimensions for a set of hinged patio doors is 178.15 by 198.75 cm (71 1/4 by 79 1/2 inches). At least one, but usually both, of the doors will open in a hinged set.


Custom doors can vary according to what you want. If you already have a space available, then choose the door based on size. Otherwise you can decide if you want three or more panels of doors instead of the standard two. Or choose interesting shapes like archtops.

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