How Do I Sell a Used CPAP Machine?

Updated June 13, 2017

CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure, a particular type of breathing therapy used for conditions that affect breathing, such as sleep apnoea. Often times, people only need medical equipment such as CPAP machines for a period of time and they may want to sell it to make up for the initial expense. Purchasing products second-hand is a good option for anyone with a tight budget.

Internet Selling

Websites are available that purchase CPAP machines. The item must be free of strong odours, clean and in good working order. The sites prefer newer machines. The CPAP must come from a smoke-free environment and have all accessories with it.

Online Auction

For a listing fee and a verification fee, you can list a used CPAP machine on an auctions website that allows listings for medical equipment. The website will advertise, market and sell the machine via auction. You choose the minimum bid and the time frame of the auction. Buyers do not have to pay a fee.

Local Advertising

Consider you local newspaper, jumble sale or garage sale. Many locations have buy and sell magazines or thrift shops that can assist you to get some money for your machine. Always prepare second-hand goods by cleaning them well and providing all manuals and accessories.

Another Option

The Reggie White Foundation accepts donations of used CPAP machines. The foundation will clean and refurbish the machine and give it to someone who cannot afford treatment.

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