The best way to clean solid oak furniture

Solid oak furniture adds charm and warmth to any home. It's created solely from oak hardwood, as opposed to a lesser-quality wood veneered with a thin layer of oak on exposed surfaces. Learn the best way to clean solid oak furniture to get a lifetime of enjoyment out of your investment.

Dry Dusting

Dry-dust your solid oak furniture each week with a soft, lint-free cloth. Use a soft paint brush or duster to reach crevices.

Washing Soiled Oak

Wash soiled oak furniture with a good-quality wood soap. Use a minimum amount of liquid and dry the furniture thoroughly. Avoid polishes and oils until it has air dried completely.


Maintain your furniture's lustre by rubbing it with linseed oil several times a year. Work small amounts of oil into the wood, allow to sit for five to 10 minutes, then buff to a sheen. Once or twice yearly, use a wax polish to protect the furniture's finish. Rub the wax into the surface and then buff until no wax residue remains.

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