Apprenticeship nurse training

Written by mike evans | 13/05/2017

Nurse apprenticeship programs provide individuals with the opportunity to receive formal instruction and training so they may enter the nursing profession, thereby creating a more diverse nursing workforce.


Nursing apprenticeships are educational programs with a coursework component and an on-the-job learning component. Their purpose is to provide individuals with less traditional academic backgrounds the education and training they need to enter the nursing profession.


According to, nursing apprenticeship programs may benefit the nursing profession significantly. Without them, only nurses who graduate from nursing degree programs could enter the profession, one which is sorely lacking in qualified applicants. Nursing apprenticeship programs thus provide an opportunity to develop a more diverse nursing profession.


Nursing apprenticeship programs include training for prospective professional nurses as well as nursing assistants. Examples of these programs include the advanced CAN (nursing assistant) apprenticeship, offered by the Good Samaritan Society and the nurse apprentice program offered by White Plains Hospital.

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