What Do Freesia Flowers Look Like?

Written by lanh ma | 13/05/2017
What Do Freesia Flowers Look Like?
Freesias have erect blooms arranged along a horizontal stem. (George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images)

According to News Times, there are 15 varieties of freesia. Though Freesia alba, a white bloom, was once the most popular, now there are many varieties that are commonly available, all with some unifying features.

Single and Double Blooms

Freesia flowers are available in both single and double blooms. The single bloom varieties have a single row of flowers arranged around a central point. Double bloom freesias have their petals arranged in overlapping rows, like roses.


Freesias come in pink, white, orange, yellow, red and lavender. Some varieties are bi-coloured, mixing deep red and yellow or orange and yellow.


The freesia flowers grow in clusters at the end of tall, stiff stems. They are shaped like trumpets or funnels, and grow about 2 inches long. Freesia flowers are fragrant, though some varieties were bred for looks rather than scent, and their odour is less strong.

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