The Average Salary of TV Actors

Written by ian graham | 13/05/2017
The Average Salary of TV Actors
TV actors typically work for short periods of one day to one month at a time. (TV Camera in tripod image by photooiasson from

The average salary of a TV actor is skewed by the very high salaries of established and well-known stars, despite the fact that many actors must support themselves with other jobs because the work is sporadic and often short-term.

Average Salary

The motion picture and video industry was the second highest-paying employer of actors in May 2009, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The average hourly wage of £31.0 was second only to advertising, public relations and related services, which paid an average of £31.3 per hour. Annual salaries were not reported by the BLS because it is rare for most actors to have jobs that are guaranteed to last more than three to six months.


The motion picture and video industry was also the second-largest employer of actors, providing 9,720 jobs, about 600 fewer than performing arts companies, which employed 10,370.

Series Regulars

The Screen Actors Guild minimum weekly rates for television series actors that took effect June 10, 2010, ranged from £1,825 for performers in a half-hour series with a guarantee of at least 13 episodes to £4,235 for those in a two-hour series with more than six but fewer than 13 episodes.

Day Rates

Actors and other performers, such as stunt performers, employed for one day are paid a minimum of £525 if they are members of SAG.

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