Do Body Toning Kits Work?

Updated April 17, 2017

Body toning kits such as Slendertone, Beautyko and Bodi-Tek do work, but they are not the miracle cures that some expect them to be. When used as part of an exercising regime, they can help to get the shape that you want.


The technology used by body toning kits is called electronic muscle stimulation, which has been used in hospitals, physiotherapy practices and clinics for over 40 years to rehabilitate and strengthen muscles.


Using EMS, body toning kits cause the targeted muscles to contract, emulating exercise. By doing this, they help tone and define muscles. The toning kits can be used during everyday activities such as watching the television and working.


EMS technology has not been proven effective in weight loss. Advertising and product packaging can be misleading due to the perfect muscle definition of the models. However, the product descriptions do detail the attainable results such as inch loss on targeted areas. The toning kit will only tone and define the underlying muscles which will not be seen if hidden under a layer of cellulite.


Body toning kits are useful in toning muscles that are difficult to reach with regular exercise and for use with physiotherapy. Difficult to reach muscles include the transversus abdominis, which is responsible for stability in the lower back. In some circumstances, the body toning kits can be used to keep muscle strength where regular exercising is impossible due to injury or disability.

Time Frame

Results can be seen in four weeks when the toning kits are used the recommended five times a week. Greater satisfaction can be gained when the toning kits are used together with a healthy lifestyle of a balanced diet, sleep and regular exercise.


Talk to your doctor before starting any new exercise plan. As with any exercise regime, overuse of the body toning kits can do more harm than good. Follow the instructions of the body toning kit to avoid discomfort and misuse. The long term effects of chronic EMS use are not known.

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