The Average Job Salary at Hollister

Written by rachel murdock | 13/05/2017
The Average Job Salary at Hollister
Hollister is a retail clothing store often found in malls. (structure I image by morsted from

Hollister is a retail clothing store found in malls. It is a sister store to Abercrombie and Fitch. Hollister employees earn minimum wage to start and get a discount on clothing.

Pay and Schedule

Expect to earn minimum wage as a beginning Hollister employee. The company pays the required minimum for whatever state or country the store is in for "impact," "sales" and "model" employees. Sales employees run cash registers, models greet customers and direct them to featured products, and impact employees stock shelves, unload trucks and fold clothing. There are usually a large number of part-time employees in these positions at each store, so hours are limited.


Assistant managers at Hollister make an average of £18,200 to £20,800 a year as of 2010, but that salary may vary depending on the cost of living where the store is located. Store managers make about £22,750, again with variations depending on store location.


Hollister has a strict "look good" policy for its employees. This policy states that employees must wear clothing with the Hollister "look." Some managers require employees to wear only Hollister clothing. Other guidelines address nail length, clothing colour and make-up. Employees get a 20 per cent discount on clothing.

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