How to Find a Road Number

Written by anyonita green | 13/05/2017
How to Find a Road Number
Maps tend to refer to roads by their number instead of name. (Map image by Stephen VanHorn from

You can find an unknown road or street numbers for abandoned or vacant property by consulting the proper authorities. Civil offices use numbers for roads as well as a names.

Property Numbers

Contact the local postal office to find the number of a property or vacant lot.The post office may ask for a description and landmarks near the location.

Federal Road

Consult a map. Since federal routes, highways and interstates are typically referred to by their number rather than a name, you can determine the road's number by consulting a map or an atlas.

State Road

Contact your state's Department of Transportation. To determine a secondary road's number you need to know the county the road is in and the road's actual name. Most departments of transportation have this information available via an online database.

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