The Difference Between Wii Models

Updated February 21, 2017

Nintendo, as of November 2010, has released three different Wii consoles. The exterior appearance is the same for all, which can make it hard to identify which version you have. Version identification is mostly just to help diagnose and repair the console.


The three different Wii models don't perform any different functions; they are simply different because of their internal set-up. Knowing which version you have will help if you need to diagnose a technical problem, or your Nintendo Tech needs to know it.

Where Is the Serial Number

Locate the serial number for your Wii. It will be below the UPC code next to the unit fan. The serial number will begin with LAH and end in an eight-digit number.

What Version Is It

Version 1 Wii's have a serial number between 10000000 and 10160000. Version 2 Wii's serial numbers are between 10160000 and 10875000. The third version of the Wii console will have a serial number above 10875000.


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