Kubota D950 Engine Specs

Written by kellyr | 13/05/2017
Kubota D950 Engine Specs
The D950 and similar engines power small agricultural machinery. (Small tractor image by Mladenov from Fotolia.com)

The Kubota Corporation, a Japanese company since 1890, produces agricultural machinery. Kuboya specialises in small tractors and mini construction machinery, which it supplies to more than 130 countries worldwide.


The following specs apply to the Kubota D950 engine:

Horsepower: 17.0

Cylinders: 3

Displacement: 56.6 cubic in.

Bore & Stroke: 3.000 in. by 2.800 in.

Rated RPMs: 2,500

Aspiration: natural

Fuel: diesel

Cooling: liquid


Kubota engines take their designations from the German words for the number of cylinders and the approximate capacity in cubic centimetres (cc). The D950 name conveys the fact that this Kubota engine has three cylinders and a 950cc capacity.


The Kubota D950, which the company no longer manufactures, often powers small construction equipment such as mini diggers and tractors because of its relatively high power-to-size ratio.

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