What Does Bricking an Xbox Mean?

Written by nida rasheed | 13/05/2017
What Does Bricking an Xbox Mean?
Xbox malfunction can result in it bring "bricked." (Video game controller image by Christopher Meder from Fotolia.com)

A "bricked" Xbox generally means that the gaming console has malfunctioned or has been damaged beyond simple repair. This is because a damaged Xbox is of no use and might as well be used as a brick.

Flashing Red Lights

The term bricked also is known as "the ring of death" across the gaming community, which symbolises the flashing red lights that ring around the power button on the Xbox. There are four kinds of flashing red lights on the console, each indicating different types of possible errors.


The troubleshooting options on the support website wind down to simply unplugging every pluggable part of the Xbox or letting it cool down for several hours. However, if that doesn't work then the only option is to ship your Xbox back to Microsoft for repair, or you could try the more unconventional methods described in some online videos.


While trying to cool down your Xbox, do not attempt to freeze it. The refrigeration will damage the circuitry by causing condensation within the console. The general impression of the gaming community on the Internet seems to be that once the red lights start to blink it's the end of your Xbox.

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