Guide to a court-ordered parenting class

Written by danielle erickson | 13/05/2017
Guide to a court-ordered parenting class
Court-ordered parenting classes can help children cope with divorce. (man and woman divorced image by Ivonne Wierink from

Court-ordered parenting classes can be required for a variety of reasons, such as divorce or involvement with Child Protective Services. Such classes typically follow a format that fosters a more positive approach to parenting.

Class Content

The curriculum of court-ordered parenting classes covers behavioural and discipline techniques, as well as anger and stress management. Appropriate boundary setting and effective communication skills are also covered.

Divorce Parenting Classes

When parenting classes have been ordered due to divorce, the curriculum also includes information unique to this situation. For example, common topics focus on understanding the dynamics of divorce and the effect on children, as well as developing an effective co-parenting plan.

Online Formats

Several companies now offer an online format in which court ordered parenting classes can be completed. While this may be a convenient option, you should check with your caseworker or attorney prior to enrolling, to ensure that it will satisfy the requirement.

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