What paint colour goes with a red couch?

Updated July 19, 2017

A red couch will always make a statement in a room. Wall colour is an essential consideration when defining space and creating ambience. Different colours interact with a red couch in various ways creating many pleasing combinations.

Cool and Contemporary

A single silver wall behind a red couch is ethereal. Adjoining walls could be painted grey, black or winter white. A rich, dramatic look can be obtained with deep, medium blue. A soft, gentle blue will calm the passion of a red couch.

Welcoming and Warm

Colours drawn from nature, such as olive green, mossy taupe and autumnal gold, will complement red and create an inviting space. A mustard yellow-orange adds a spicy flavour when paired with a red couch.

Beautiful Blends

Exhilarating, soft turquoise is satisfying and bright against a red couch, especially if there is some orange in the red fabric. Using lime green is a fresh, fun spin on the classic red and green combination. Lavender is an unexpected, relaxing choice.

Never-fail Neutrals

Chestnut brown will meld with red and give the room a monochromatic feel. Crisp white creates a spotless background for a red couch. Warm ivory will be peaceful. A masculine or Asian theme can be obtained with a red couch and black walls.

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