How Much Does a Full Set of Dentures Cost?

Written by philippe lanctot | 13/05/2017
How Much Does a Full Set of Dentures Cost?
Denture costs can reach into the thousands of dollars. (dentures 02 image by stoffies from

There are a few reasons why you may lose your teeth and require dentures; chief among them are tooth decay, periodontal disease and an injury. Replacing those missing teeth will not only help you eat better, but the dentures will keep your facial muscles from sagging.


The cost for dentures depends on a few factors such as the materials used, whether you still have some teeth that require extraction and any prior complications addressed by the dentist.


A full set, meaning having both an upper and lower plate installed, of premium dentures ranges anywhere from £1,300 to £5,200 as of 2010. Mid-range dentures can range form £650 to £1,300 and basic dentures may cost between £390 and £650.


Dental insurance classifies dentures as major dental services and typically covers 50 per cent of the cost, as long as you have passed your plan's waiting period, which can range from six to 18 months depending on the carrier.


If you can find a dental school where the students perform the work, you may be able to get your dentures installed at a discount.

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