Homemade 50th birthday decorations

Written by nicole long | 13/05/2017
Homemade 50th birthday decorations
Celebrate a 50th birthday in style. (Philip J Brittan/Photodisc/Getty Images)

Celebrate a milestone birthday, such as a person's 50th, with homemade decorations. Homemade decorations allow you to add a personal touch to the event with various sayings, themes and ideas.


Homemade decorations for a 50th birthday party serve to signify the importance of the event and welcome guests. In particular, 50th birthday party decorations can add an element of fun to the celebration when they feature funny sayings such as "Over the Hill."


Ranging from paper banners and cut-outs to photograph collages and video montages used as party backdrops, homemade 50th birthday party decorations set the stage for the party. Other homemade party items, including the birthday cake and party hats, also add to the decor and celebratory mood.


Base your choice of homemade 50th birthday party decorations on the guest of honor's personality. Customise each item with paints and glitter in colours commonly associated with a 50th birthday party, such as black, gold and silver.

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