40th birthday travel ideas

Written by monique la barr | 13/05/2017
40th birthday travel ideas
Cake is a traditional food served at a birthday party. (Closeup of a chocolate birthday cake image by Alberto Pérez Veiga from Fotolia.com)

The 40th birthday is a milestone for men and women alike. It is illustrative of the fact that one is not yet over the hill, but definitely not a child anymore. A 40th birthday deserves a unique celebration and travelling is a wonderful way to celebrate.

Travelling with Family

40th birthday travel ideas
Aspen, Colorado is known for its skiing. (ski image by Jürgen Zellmann from Fotolia.com)

There are many family friendly places to celebrate a 40th birthday. Some destinations include Prague, Czech Republic; Venice, Italy and Aspen, Colorado. Each of these areas has activities that can involve the whole family. Visit the old churches in Prague, take a gondola ride in Venice and ski in Aspen.

Travelling with Friends

40th birthday travel ideas
Scuba diving is a popular activity in Cancun, Mexico. (tropical island image by Dariusz Kopestynski from Fotolia.com)

Travelling with friends takes on a life of its own for a 40th birthday party. Travel to a beach destination, such as Cancun, Mexico. Cancun is known for its beautiful beaches and exciting nightlife. Las Vegas, Nevada and New York, NY are both fun places to have a great time with friends and let loose.

Travelling Alone

40th birthday travel ideas
The Lincoln memorial is located in Washington, D.C. (Lincoln Memorial - Washington DC image by Misha Tyukin from Fotolia.com)

Many cities are enjoyable to visit alone for a 40th birthday. Spend time in Washington, DC or take a cruise to the Bahamas. The US capital provides museums, cafe's and historic sites. A cruise is an enjoyable way to spend a 40th birthday eating to your heart's content and cruise's offer scheduled events perfect for the solo traveller.

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