Can stress cause seizures in dogs?

Updated November 21, 2016

Canine seizures can be the result of many factors from epilepsy to brain, medical and genetic disorders. A seizure is usually an indication of another underlying problem which should be monitored and relayed to your veterinarian.

Types of Stress

Low blood sugar (imbalance of glucose and oxygen) can bring on stress, just as fear, excitement, a new location, medical conditions and separation anxiety can as well. Stress results in a metabolic neurological disturbance of the brain. Any apprehensive situation can bring on undue stress for your dog which can cause or trigger a canine seizure.

Seizure Symptoms

After an encounter with some form of stress, such as a period of exercise or play, excessive handling, overheating, eating, fasting, breeding and more, the dog may have muscle tremors. There may also be loss of consciousness, freezing up, passing out, kicking of the legs and loss of bodily functions.


It may not be easy to prevent all situations but keep your dog in the safest calm surroundings without any sudden changes. Knowing your dog's behaviours can help in identifying fears and circumstances that create stress for your dog. Go the extra mile to reduce any quick environmental adjustments and stresses which can lower the onset of canine seizures.

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