What Is Included in Fuji Finepix Viewer Software?

Updated July 19, 2017

Even though most computers can detect and transfer photos from your digital camera using built-in Windows software, camera manufacturers include their own software for ease of use. Fuji cameras are bundled with Fuji Finepix Viewer, which handles photos from your camera directly.

FinePix Viewer

The key software component of a Fuji camera package is the FinePix Viewer. Different versions of this software are available for different Fuji models, and updates are available from the Fuji website. Every Fuji camera includes a CD-ROM with the software.


When you install the FinePix software, you add camera-specific drivers to Windows. This means that file information that is stored with each photo you take (time, date, resolution and shutter speed) is transferred and logged when the photos are stored on your system. This can make replicating great shots easier, as you can track the exact settings you used for the pictures you like best.

Required Items

After you've installed FinePix Viewer software, you'll need your Fuji FinePix camera and the provided USB cable to transfer photos. Plug the USB cable into both camera and computer and turn on the camera; a prompt will appear in Windows that allows you to use FinePix View to transfer the files.

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