What Will Happen If Get My Braces Off Early?

Updated April 17, 2017

Although patients may want to get their braces off earlier than the estimated time of treatment, there are several things to consider when making that decision.

Letting Teeth Settle

Although a patient's teeth may look straight after a few months in braces, it takes time for the teeth to get settled into their new positions. Early removal of braces may cause the elastic fibres that connect teeth to bone to push and pull the teeth back toward their original position.


Retainers can help keep the teeth in place after the removal of braces. Wearing a retainer may allow a patient to get his braces off earlier.

Patient's Role

Some factors contribute to slower orthodontic treatments, such as bone density and proper care of the braces. Patients who brush and floss well, come in for regular orthodontic appointments, take care of their braces, and wear their elastics are more likely to see faster results and get their braces off earlier than expected.

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