Is Pine Bark Mulch Dangerous for Dogs?

Written by rena sherwood | 13/05/2017
Is Pine Bark Mulch Dangerous for Dogs?
Dogs should be discouraged from chewing wood like pine bark mulch. (Philip and Karen Smith/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

Pine bark mulch is not poisonous to dogs or puppies. But dog or puppy owners should still discourage their pets from chewing or eating pine bark mulch, as individual pieces may be large enough for the pet to choke on.


Dog and puppy owners should choose shredded pine bark mulch instead of mulch in chunks or nuggets. The pets will be less likely to choke on the shredded mulch.


Although it is considered normal to see a dog chewing on a stick, dogs and puppies should not chew sticks, mulch or any wooden items. Wood can splinter and cause choking or abscesses in the digestive tract.


Cocoa mulch is poisonous to dogs, according to ASPCA. The smell and taste attract dogs. Remove any cocoa mulch as soon as possible. Replace with pet-safe mulch such as shredded pine bark mulch.

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