The Specs for Srixon I506 Irons

Updated July 18, 2017

Originally known for its golf balls, Srixon now produces a full line of irons and woods. Srixon is one of the rising stars in the golf equipment market, offering both high performance sets for better players and game improvement clubs for beginners.


Srixon I506 irons range from 18 degrees in the two-iron to 46 degrees in the pitching wedge. The irons increase in loft at increments of three to four degrees throughout the set and feature fairly traditional loft measurements for each club.

Lie Angle

Lie angles vary from 59 degrees in the two iron to 63 degrees in the pitching wedge. Lie angle is a measure of the angle between the ground and the sole of the club, and can affect the accuracy of the shot.


Srixon I506 irons come in standard lengths of 35.25 inches in the pitching wedge to 39.25 inches in the two-iron. Golfers can have the lengths custom fit to match their height and swing style.

Swing Weight

All Srixon I506 irons feature a swing weight of D2. Swing weight is a measure of the overall weight of the club combined with its balance point. Often club manufacturers will vary the swing weight throughout the set, with wedges containing higher measures. Srixon maintains the same measurement with its I506 irons for a consistent feel.


Srixon I506 irons feature steel shafts in either regular of stiff flexes. The regular shaft is 117g, while the stiff shaft is slightly heavier at 121g. Both shafts contain a high flex point for a lower, penetrating ball flight.

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