How Much Do Hamsters Weigh?

Written by rachel oakley | 13/05/2017
How Much Do Hamsters Weigh?
A hamster's weight can vary throughout the day. (Hamster image by Annekathrin Kohout from

Hamsters are small rodents that make great starter pets for children, because they are easy to care for and leave very little mess. The typical weight of a pet hamster differs with factors such as age and the time of day when weighing, but adult hamsters typically weigh just over 198gr, or 200 grams.

Weight Fluctuation Throughout the Day

Throughout the day, it's possible for a hamster's weight to fluctuate, up to 0.21 of a pound (6 grams) in some cases, according to the UK's National Hamster Council. To get a more accurate weight, weigh your hamster at the same time each day.

Old Age

A hamster is fully grown by 6 months, and owners should notice a slow weight gain from birth to this age. However, hamsters start to lose weight when they hit old age, so owners should be aware that after a hamster reaches 18 months, its weight may decrease, but at a slow rate.

Weight Loss

If a hamster has stopped eating, or has loose droppings, and has lost weight, owners should see a vet immediately. Owners should know the difference between a healthy weight fluctuation and weight loss in their hamster; by weighing the pet every day, and keeping a record of its average weight, owners will be able to detect health issues more easily.

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