Are infrared heater lamps safe for human health?

Infrared heat lamps provide several benefits as a heating source and for medical purposes. The benefits of infrared lamps far outweigh the risks, and when used correctly, they are safe for human health.

Far infrared

Infrared is actually a light source perceived as heat when it comes in contact with an organic material, such as the human body. It travels in a wavelength, and is considered "far" because of the space and length of the waves. Infrared is invisible to the eye and does not heat the air it travels through.


Infrared can be used when penetrating heat is needed for medical purpose, as it can travel into the tissue and heat joints, muscles or deep tissue without the discomfort of a heat source being applied directly to the skin. This type of heat is also useful in some commercial applications and can be used in saunas or other spa type treatments.


Overheating is the primary concern for safety with infrared heat lamps. If used correctly and within the prescribed usage times, the use of infrared heat lamps do not pose any significant risks to human health.

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