Vespa Fully Hydraulic Brake Conversion

Updated March 23, 2017

Adding a hydraulic brake system to a vintage Vespa scooter helps upgrade the stopping capability of the scooter tenfold. Making the change can improve the scooter's safety and reduce the need to hassle with asbestos-laden brake shoes.


Vintage scooters use a drum brake system. The hydraulic brake package for a Vespa scooter provides enhanced stopping power for vintage scooters. Using hydraulic fluid contained in a hose connected either to the handle or foot pedal, the new brake system creates significantly stronger braking pressure on the front wheel of the scooter.


A complete hydraulic package includes the wheel hub replacement, a matching rotor, a caliper system and brake fluid hose line, a fluid reservoir and an actuator (either a replacement handle or connector to a control cable already existing on the scooter). When converting the brake system, the entire front wheel brake system gets replaced by the new package.


The stopping power of a hydraulic brake system may take some getting used to; practice driving with the new system.

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