Red Spider Mite Bites

Updated July 19, 2017

The red spider mite is a tiny red mite that is a nuisance to gardeners because it feeds on plants, but it does not bite humans. Infestation of the spider mite can cause plants to loose vegetation and eventually die.


The red spider mite is barely visible to the naked eye. It has a round, red body with eight tiny legs. There are two varieties of red spider mites: the southern red spider mite and the European red spider mite.


Red spider mites live on all types of vegetation indoors and outdoors. They spin webs on the bottom of leaves, from leaves to flowers and on blossoms. Gardeners use pesticides or predator bugs including lady birds and lacewings to ward off red spider mites. Lightly misting plants also keeps mites off.


Red spider mites do not bite humans. The mite is not a blood feeder. Red spider mites feed off plants.

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