The average cost to redo a kitchen

Remodelling a kitchen typically adds value to the home, as most potential buyers want an updated kitchen and updated bathrooms. The average cost to redo a kitchen relates to the size of the space and the amount of work done.

Average costs

According to "Remodeling Magazine," the average cost of a major, mid-range kitchen remodel is £37,189, based on 2009 to 2010 data. The cost of an average minor kitchen remodel is £13,917.


The types of materials used in a kitchen remodel play a large part in the overall cost. For example, marble and granite countertops cost more than linoleum counters. Replacing existing appliances, flooring and cabinets adds more to the cost of the job.


While there's no guarantee of a return on the initial investment, the "Cost vs. Value Report 2009-2010" by "Remodeling Magazine" says mid-range, major kitchen remodels have a higher rate of return, 72.1 per cent of the total spent, versus upscale remodels at only 63.2 per cent. A minor, mid-range kitchen remodel has a 78.3 per cent rate of return.

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