Does vinegar kill dust mites?

Written by erin maurer | 13/05/2017
Does vinegar kill dust mites?
Trade a mop for a vinegar-soaked rag to kill dust mites. (cleaning image by Allyson Ricketts from

Cleaning a home with vinegar is a good way to keep dust mites at bay. These small, microscopic creatures, related to spiders, feed on the dust in a home. Keeping areas dust-free helps keep the home mite-free.


Vinegar is an acidic substance which may actually kill dust mites, according to the Wise Bread website. Use vinegar to mop vinyl flooring and dust furniture to get rid of all dust particles and eradicate dust mites.

Homemade Cleaning Solution

For a simple vinegar-based cleaning solution, the Green Clean Certified website recommends you mix together one part vinegar and one part vegetable glycerine.

Cleaning with Vinegar

This solution can be used to effectively wipe down floors, walls, woodwork and ceilings. Dip a cloth in the homemade vinegar solution until liquid is absorbed. Wring out the excess liquid and cover a standard mop with the cloth.

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