Free Online Management Supervisor Training

Updated March 23, 2017

Supervisors have to prioritise among many competing concerns and know how to be effective in implementing priorities. For this reason, new managers or supervisors should consider taking free online management supervisor courses to gain foundational knowledge and insights quickly.


New managers and supervisors can find free online courses in subject areas such as new supervisor training, management training, compliance training, technical professional training and project management training. Options are available through several online training venues.


Online supervisor training courses offer a variety of learning tools including case studies, interactive tools, video lectures from instructors and online tests to evaluate efficiency. New supervisors can choose to concentrate on foundational management coursework or focus on learning the latest trends associated with the dynamics of the new global economy.


According to Robert K Bidding, Ph.D., new supervisors face six unique challenges: new responsibilities, varied responsibilities, time constraints, balance, feeling alone and personal wellness. These challenges underscore the need for new managers and supervisors to take advantage of free online training as soon as possible.

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