Traditional Irish Clothing for Kids

Written by megan burns | 13/05/2017
Traditional Irish Clothing for Kids
Not much is known of Irish clothing before the 12th century. (Ireland flag button image by Andrey Zyk from

According to The Irish Path website, not much was written about traditional clothing in Ireland for either adults or children, although it states, a 12th century Welshman "named Giraldus Cambrensis (Gerald of Wales)" did write about the subject. Much of the clothing associated with traditional Irish culture is derived from 19th century fashion styles. Many of these items were made from wool.


Sweaters are a popular example of traditional Irish clothing. The typical Irish sweater is called an "Aran" or a "fisherman's sweater," and is characterised by its bulkiness. These sweaters are often cream coloured and feature complex cable stitching patterns. Smaller versions of these sweaters are made specially for children.

Grandfather Shirt

"Grandfather" or "Granddad" flannel shirts are made of brushed cotton and are designed for comfort. They are a versatile garment traditionally worn by men and boys and are designed to withstand the ever-changing weather patterns in Ireland; they are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. These shirts come in a variety of colours and patterns.

Dance Attire

The outfits worn by Irish dancers are highly characteristic of traditional Irish clothing. Dresses worn by female Irish dancers are reminiscent of the peasant dresses worn in the 18th century. These traditional outfits are made in children's sizes for young Irish dancers, and they often display intricate Celtic designs and patterns.

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