The Average Starting Salaries for Marine Engineers

Written by ian graham | 13/05/2017
The Average Starting Salaries for Marine Engineers
Marine engineers design machinery and systems for various types of vessels. (ship image by Terry Duchene from

Marine engineers and naval architects specialise in the design and development of marine vessels and the machinery and systems used on ships, including engines and on-ship electrical power.


The average, or mean, wages for marine engineers and naval architects were £24.70 per hour or £51,506 per year in May 2009, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Salaries ranged from £26,695 and less for the worst-paid 10 per cent of marine engineers to £79,235 and up for the occupation's top 10 per cent of wage earners.

Starting Range

The salary range for marine engineers with only one to four years of experience is £38,240 to £45,782, according to a PayScale survey of 71 marine engineers in September, 2010.

Top Industries

The architectural, engineering and related services industry was the largest employer of marine engineers in May 2009, providing 2,340 jobs. Another 860 worked for the federal government, while 580 were employed in ship and boat building. Other professional, scientific and technical services employed 360 marine engineers, while 330 worked in deep sea, coastal and Great Lakes water transportation.

Top-Paying States

Maryland was the top-paying state for marine engineers in May 2009, with an average annual salary of £69,992. Second place went to Pennsylvania, with an average yearly salary of £62,244, while Massachusetts was third, paying £60,027 per year, on average.

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