How to buy Michael Miller fabrics wholesale

Written by arin bodden | 13/05/2017
How to buy Michael Miller fabrics wholesale
Michael Miller Fabrics, Inc, has a vast selection of fabric at wholesale cost. (store display of fabric image by Joyce Wilkes from

Whether you're a seasoned crafting professional or a potential new fabric shop owner, buying fabric is expensive when you pay full retail price. Buying fabric wholesale from Michael Miller Fabrics, Inc., will save time and money, affording a greater profit and a wide variety of fabrics for your current need.

Federal registration

Registering as a business with the Internal Revenue Service is the first step in opening a wholesale account. In this simple online process, you will immediately be assigned a tax ID, which will be needed to register as a business in your state.

State registration

Next, you will need to register as a business and obtain a business license and a resale certificate from your state in order to open a wholesale account with any fabric manufacturer. In most states, you can do both online and receive your documents in a few days.

Opening an account

Once you have your federal and state registration documents in place, contact Michael Miller Fabrics Inc. by phone at 212-704-0774 or via e-mail at and request a wholesale application. Fill out the application with the requested information, which will include your federal tax ID and state resale permit number, and fax the application and a copy of your resale certificate to Micheal Miller Fabrics at 212-633-0272. Within a few days, you will be assigned an account number and can order fabrics wholesale by contacting the company by phone or e-mail.


Wholesale prices for Michael Miller fabrics vary, but are generally between £2 and £3 per yard as of 2010. Fabric is sold by the bolt, which contains 15 yards. Initial orders also vary, but are generally between £487 and £650.

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