The disadvantages of service oriented architecture

Updated July 19, 2017

In an ever-changing technological world, companies are expected to provide more with less resources. Service-oriented architecture provides software development companies with the ability to respond to service requests quickly and efficiently. However, service-oriented architecture isn't compatible between all applications.

How it Works

Service-oriented architecture defines the standards of a company's service applications. The architecture takes into consideration the services provided by the company and the needs of the consumer. Implementation of these principles requires an interface for consumers to request and receive their expected service.

For example, if a student requests their grades from a university website, the grades would be displayed upon retrieval from the internal database. The student acts as a consumer and the server retrieval of the grades is the service.


Services are maintained in an application by a series of layers. Each layer acts according to its responsibilities and is only accessible by portions of the application and users. Layers can be individually designed and developed, increasing the potential for code recycling as well as creating more specific developer roles. As the application ages, each layer can be targeted for maintenance or scaled to meet performance requirements.


The development of service-oriented architecture depends on the implementation of standards. Without standards, communication between applications becomes time and code intensive. Service-oriented architecture is not meant for applications with high data transfers, applications that do not require request/response implementation or applications with a short lifespan.

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