Non Executive Chairman Job Description

Updated July 19, 2017

Non executive chairmen hold part-time positions in office. The non executive chairman supports the chief executive officer and chairs the company's main board. It is common for this leading role to serve on more than one board committee, but they only vote in board meetings under special circumstances.


Aside from being the lead director, a non executive chairman attends board of directors and shareholder's meetings. Facilitating communication, recommending chair assignments and creating board schedules are other duties that the position of non executive chairmen entails. The non executive officer organises the board's workload and coordinates performance reviews.


A non executive chairman presides over company meetings. When management is absent, this role must lead independent director executive sessions.


The role of non executive chairman is important to a company because this individual must coordinate evaluations and assessments while monitoring the company's performance. Yearly performance reviews are also conducted by the non executive chairman, along with succession plan reviews.

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