The best paint colour for dark hallway

Updated February 21, 2017

A dark hallway can compromise the interior design of a house or apartment; dark paint makes a small space seem even more restricted. As you plan paint colours, consider the atmosphere and feeling you want to create.


When you want to make a hallway seem bigger and brighter, choose paints that will create an open, light feeling, Look for pale, bright colours like white, cream and yellow. Pale paints will reflect natural light that filters in during the day and electric light during the evening hours.


To increase the luminescence of the hallway, choose a paint that has light-reflecting particles. The subtle reflection will create a warm glow in the hallway, particularly when light from lamps or other rooms shine in on it. You can choose a subtle metallic shade for a contemporary touch.


As you choose paints for a hallway, keep in mind that the walls may see considerable contact with hands and bags. Choose a paint that is designed to hold up under heavy use to minimise the amount of damage from dirty hands and make the walls easier to clean.

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