Diet for Blood Type O Negative

Written by dana schafer | 13/05/2017
Diet for Blood Type O Negative
Diet according to your blood type. (blood testing image by John Keith from

Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo, a naturopathic doctor, recommends that people eat according to their blood type and know what type of lectins, or proteins found in foods, their blood is more compatible with.

Type O Blood Profile

Research conducted by Dr. D'Adamo indicates that people with Type O blood are susceptible to different diseases and should eat a different diet and follow a different exercise regime than those with Type A and Type B blood since those with Type O are more vulnerable to insulin resistance, thyroid problems and weight gain.

Type O Diet

Dr. D'Adamo suggests that individuals with Type O blood focus their diet on lean and organic meats, vegetables and fruits. In addition, he suggests they reduce wheat, dairy and legume products, as well as caffeine and alcohol, which can cause digestion problems and increase adrenalin, respectively.

Exercise for Type O

Exercise regularly about three to four times per week. The best exercise for Type O individuals is high intensity physical exercise such as aerobics, contact sports, running or martial arts.

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