How does water travel to the flowers petals?

Written by bruce smith
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How does water travel to the flowers petals?
Xylem transports water to the petals. (flower in a small vase. image by mashe from

Narrow tubes called xylem transport water from the roots to the flower's petals. Osmosis, capillary action and transpiration serve as the mechanisms to move the water. Plant physiologists study the movement of water in plants.

Water Uptake by Roots

Plant roots uptake water from the surrounding soil through osmosis. The water flows across a semi-permeable membrane. It allows water and small molecules to flow through, but not large molecules such as sugars and proteins. The water flows into the root in an attempt to dilute the concentration of larger molecules inside the root cells.

How does water travel to the flowers petals?
Water uptake by plant roots happens via osmosis. (root system image by joanna wnuk from

Transport of Water Through the Stem

Capillary action moves the water through the stem. The water molecules stick to each other and the walls of the xylem, creating a column of water that pulls itself upwards defying gravity.

How does water travel to the flowers petals?
Water moves up the plant stem through capillary action. (hairy stem image by Josef F Stuefer from

Transport of Water from the Stem to the Petals

Transpiration is the evaporation of water from a plant's leaves and petals, creating a force that draws water up through the plant from the roots. Sometimes the pressure is so great, droplets form on the outside of the plant, which is known as guttation.

How does water travel to the flowers petals?
Transpiration draws the water from the stem into the petal. (raindrops on petals 2. image by mdb from

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