Can I Kill Shrubs With Rock Salt?

Small shrubs add colour to your landscaping, but the long roots make it difficult to remove those shrubs when needed. Rock salt is a natural, home remedy to kill weeds, trees and even shrubs. It kills the roots, which in turn kills the shrub.


You must apply the rock salt to the roots of the shrub. Dig around the shrub and pour the rock salt onto the roots. Alternatively, cut down the shrub first and then apply the rock salt.


If the roots of the shrubs are interfering with your plumbing system, flush 1 cup of rock salt down your toilet twice a week. The constant treatment of rock salt helps kill the roots of the shrubs in your plumbing lines.


Rock salt is a top choice for killing plants because it kills only the plants and shrubs you want. The rock salt dissolves after the next rainfall, without harming plants in the surrounding area.

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