Does the Government Help Pay for a Funeral?

Written by jacky gamble | 13/05/2017
Does the Government Help Pay for a Funeral?
Government help may be available to cover a portion of funeral costs. (cemetary 3 image by sonya etchison from

Government programs are sometimes available to help eligible individuals pay for the costs associated with funeral services, burials and cremations. These programs can help alleviate the high costs associated with providing a funeral.


Several types of government help are available for funeral assistance. These include programs through the Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Human Services, Social Security Administration and local funeral societies.


Eligibility requirements must be met in order to obtain funeral assistance through a government program. Assistance can be obtained for veterans and their spouses through the Department of Veteran Affairs. Certain income requirements must be met to obtain funeral assistance through the Department of Human Services.


The amount of funeral assistance that is available depends on the government program providing it. As of 2010, the Department of Human Services provides up to £520 for funeral services or £292 for cremations, and the Social Security Administration provides up to £165 toward the cost of funeral services.

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