The Average Cost for Tree Trimming

Professional tree trimmers charge a price based on the specific type of tree. However, trimming is essential for trees to remain healthy, flourish and to keep grow. Any trees that have dying limbs or branches are in danger of dying and possibly affecting other trees in your yard.

Average Price

According to Cost Helper, the average price of cutting a tree ranges from £48-$1,000 or more based on 2010 data. The height and type of treeplay the largest roles in price, with trees like black alder and crabapple costing the most to remove.


Professional trimming prices rise if you have any obstacles or problems that interfere with the worker's job. This includes power lines, overhangs and anything else that prevents the worker from reaching the top of the trees.

Expert Insight

Galt Tech lists prices based on a total tree trimming of your yard with an estimate of £520-$1,000 for the work. Hiring crews for the day may prove cost effective.

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