Free Photo Editor With Special Effects

Updated April 17, 2017

Numerous websites allow photographers to upload their favourite images and edit them at no charge. Users can crop photos, change their sizes, alter colours and add special effects with the click of a mouse. allows users to upload photos and make simple automated edits, such as "Fix Red Eye." Special effects filters can add artful touches, including "Super Pixelate" and "Neon," by mouse-clicking onscreen buttons. Photos can also be decorated with text and graphic "stickers." is a Web-based application that mimics photo editing software such as Photoshop. Users can upload their photos and edit them using tools such as the "Eraser" and the "Lasso," or tweak elements of the photo such as brightness/contrast and colour balance. Special effects can also be added, including creative blurs, distortions and painterly highlights. offers a variety of special effects filters and photo editing features. Images can be automatically adjusted by clicking buttons, such as "Fancy Focus," "Airbrush" and "Teeth Whiten." Text can be added in a variety of fonts and colours, while advanced controls are available for fine-tuning any edits.

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