Ovation vs. varilux lens

Written by travis sharpe | 13/05/2017
Ovation vs. varilux lens
Progressive lenses come in many different models, but they appear the same. (glasses image by Allyson Ricketts from Fotolia.com)

No-line bifocals, or progressive lenses, are available in many different makes and models. These lenses are designed based on copyrighted technology specific to each company. Varilux is a family of progressive lenses that is manufactured by Essilor.


Essilor is an ophthalmic lens company that manufactures and provides wholesale lenses, including Varilux lenses and the Ovation progressive lens. Other Essilor products include Transitions, AirWear, Accolade and Crizal.

Varilux Lenses

According to Varilux.com, Varilux lenses are designed based on newer technology to enhance patients' vision. They claim to provide a wider area of clear vision throughout the entire lens than older designs. It is difficult to verify such claims, as each patient responds to different lenses in different ways. These lenses come in many different models, such as the Varilux Physio, Comfort and Ellipse.

Ovation Lenses

The Ovation progressive lens is manufactured by Essilor as well, but it does not belong to the Varilux family. It is based on older technology than the Varilux Lenses. The Ovation lens can still be ordered in prescription glasses, but it is no longer being promoted by Essilor.

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