What to Wear to a 70s Disco Theme Party

Updated March 23, 2017

According to the 70s Fashion website, "disco music introduced a sort of dress code and a door screening policy. People needed to be dressed in a certain way in order to enter clubs." Although the 1970s have ended, the costume remains just as important when dressing for a 70s disco theme party.

Women: Go-Go Girl

For this disco costume, don a micro-minidress that falls at a precariously short length. Pair the dress with white go-go boots and oversized hoop earrings. Take a hint from Charlie's Angels and style the hair with big, voluminous curls.

Women: Roller Girl

For a sportier 70s disco look, ditch the minidress for a pair of tiny shorts. Wear terry cloth running shorts over a tight and shiny Spandex leotard. Accessorise with knee-high athletic socks and a pair of chunky platform shoes. If you're feeling a bit risky, opt for a pair of roller skates instead of shoes.

Men: Disco Dude

For a 1970s disco party, male guests should wear a pair of polyester bell-bottoms with a colourful or shiny button-down shirt. For extra panache, leave the top several buttons unbuttoned and wrap a flashy scarf around the neck. If you're feeling extra daring, wear an afro wig and a tall pair of platform shoes.

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