How to buy molasses in bulk

Written by kelly whiteford | 13/05/2017
How to buy molasses in bulk
Check with a local bakery to purchase molasses in bulk from its wholesale distributor. (baking image by GiGiZ from

Whether you are looking to purchase molasses for baking needs or to use as a natural fertiliser, purchasing in bulk can save you money and time. Researching your purchase options can be simple.

Local Feed Stores

If you wish to purchase dry molasses, visit your local feed store. It may carry dry molasses in large quantities, because farmers use molasses to sweeten the feed for their animals. Spreading dry molasses on your crops and fields is a natural way to fertilise.

Wholesale Stores

Bakeries often use molasses in many of their products. Talk to a local bakery to see if you can make a purchase through the bakery's wholesale provider. Wholesale companies offer items in bulk and at lower rates.

Online Distributors

Check online companies that specialise in selling bulk items. Specifically, look for restaurant supply companies, lawn care suppliers and wholesale bakery supply companies.

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