Job Description for a Lettings Negotiator

Updated November 21, 2016

Lettings companies buy, sell and rent commercial and residential properties to landlords and tenants in Great Britain. Such companies are very similar to U.S. real estate agencies. A lettings negotiator is an entry-level employee who works in a lettings company.


Lettings negotiators are the entry-level workers in lettings companies, and are often only hired for part-time work with promise of full-time work after a specified period of good job performance. Lettings negotiators have a wide range of duties, including answering phones, setting up and driving clients to property viewings, providing a line of communication between landlords and tenants, managing property offers, imparting ample "face time'' with clients, helping to close sales and matching clients with suitable properties.


The salary for lettings negotiators most often includes a base salary between £10,000 and £40,000 plus commission for sales. The majority of lettings negotiators are offered either a company car or car allowance for driving clients to viewings, but few lettings negotiators are offered benefits immediately.


All lettings negotiators must have a driver's license. In addition, lettings companies look for motivated, enthusiastic individuals with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Several lettings negotiator job advertisements ask for individuals who are entrepreneurial and can work long hours.


Most lettings companies look for individuals who have recently graduated from a university. However, most of the lettings-specific training happens on-site. Lettings negotiator job advertisements are often categorised with terms such as "trainee position," and offer the promise of salary and benefits growth after a certain period of time.

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