Effective Communication in Salons

Written by nicole whitney | 13/05/2017
Effective Communication in Salons
Your hairstylist needs good communication skills. (getting ready image by Mat Hayward from Fotolia.com)

If you have ever left the hair salon thinking: "This is not what I asked for," then you understand to some degree the importance of effective communication in the salon. It means the difference between happy and dissatisfied clients and empty or full appointment books.


For a salon to run smoothly, good communication in the salon needs to exist between the front desk staff and stylist, among the stylists, and between the stylists and their clients, all of these parties and salon management.


A hairstylist may think that his talent with the scissors or hair colour is his key to success. However, 85 per cent of workplace success depends on communication skills, says the handbook "Passion--A Salon Professional's Handbook for Building a Successful Business." A client will not continue to return to a salon or a hairstylist who does not understand her needs.


Salon managers often implement weekly staff meetings to encourage team members to express their concerns and make recommendations. They may also implement a system of written communication between the front desk and stylist that informs the stylist of schedule changes and client requests. Skilful questions help a stylist evaluate her client's lifestyle and get a thorough understanding of his expectations.

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