How much does an immigration lawyer charge?

Written by marlon trotsky | 13/05/2017
How much does an immigration lawyer charge?
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Legal fees vary dramatically based on factors such as the lawyer's level of experience and the nature of the case itself. However, some immigration lawyers charge a flat fee (agreed on beforehand) for most services. Many local and state bar associations provide referral services.


While many immigration lawyers will charge a flat rate, some also charge an hourly rate for an initial consultation. Fees will most likely range between £48-$150 for such a consultation. Follow-up sessions may run anywhere from £65-£195 per hour, according to the website CostHelper.

Filing Forms

Retaining the services of an immigration attorney to help you file basic forms will run $300-$700, in addition to any US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) fees. Rates vary, depending on the forms. For example, fees for preparing a full visa packet can range anywhere from £1,300 to £7,800.

'À la Carte' Services

Typically, lawyers work an entire case from beginning to end, but a growing number are beginning to "unbundle" their services. Essentially, they will handle only parts of the case while the client takes care of the rest. Once again, this legal work will cost somewhere in the neighbourhood of £65-$300.

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