Where are a dog's pressure points?

Updated July 19, 2017

A dog's body is full of pressure points, which are useful for health and training purposes, or just for a relaxing massage. Pressure points are shallow dips between muscle and bone or between individual muscles.


The pressure point on the top of a dog's head can be massaged to relax the dog. Pressure points near a dog's eye are associated with the stomach, bladder and gallbladder. On the ear, a pressure point is associated with the small intestine.

Front of Body

A dog's front legs contain pressure points associated with the large intestine and heart. A pressure point on the chest is associated with the lower abdomen or uterus, known as the conception vessel, but can also be massaged for lung health. Massaging the crease behind a dog's elbow can help with infections and allergies.

Rear of Body

Pressure points on the inside of a dog's leg are associated with the spleen, while points on the foot and hip are associated with the gallbladder. The bladder is associated with points on the back of the leg and just above the tailbone. Massaging a dog's back above the stomach, on the sides of the spine, can help relieve stomach pains and vomiting.

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