How to Buy Guitar Strings Wholesale

Updated July 19, 2017

Buying wholesale for your store or personal use can be a difficult process to manoeuvre. Most vendors have a set minimum order, which means that if you are buying guitar strings for your own use you will have a spend a large sum upfront.

Locating a Supplier

The easiest way to locate a supplier is by going to the local library to see if they have any wholesale directories, searching the Internet, or attending a trade show.

One-Time Purchase

If you are looking to buy guitar strings for personal use and cannot afford a wholesaler's minimum order, find a buying group to split the purchase among the group and reduce each person's expenses. Guitar enthusiast and shopping forums are a good place to look for people for your group.

Picking a Supplier

When you find a supplier, take note of what they charge for shipping; if they will accept returns; and who is responsible if the merchandise is damaged during shipping. Research their reputation and read any customer reviews.

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