Definition of Industrial Accident

Written by jennifer vanbaren | 13/05/2017
Definition of Industrial Accident
Industrial accidents are those that occur at a person's workplace. (safety first image by Greg Pickens from

An industrial accident, or occupational accident, is an accident that occurs when an employee is at work. It includes any type of accident or injury caused from a person's workplace.


Industrial accidents can have a number of causes. Sometimes it is simply a random accident caused by a slip or fall. Other times these accidents are caused by improper work practices or negligence of the company. They can happen from employers cutting corners when it comes to employee safety or proper job training.

Employer Responsibility

Employers are responsible for properly training employees and for making work environments safe. Anytime an accident occurs at a workplace, the employer is responsible for the injury. When accidents happen, the employee is protected by workers compensation insurance. This is an insurance employers pay for these purposes.

Hazardous Substances

Industrial accidents also include injuries or illnesses incurred by employees due to exposure to hazardous substances and materials. Long-term exposure to certain substances can result in permanent or fatal injuries.

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